Canon Print Studio Pro

Can anyone tell me if Gimp will allow you to use Canon’s Print Studio Pro ?
Thank you

I’ve not been able to do that on a Linux based system. I have to run the plugin in a Windows virtual machine with photoshop installed. PIA, but it works.

I’m starting to use darktable, but since its on a windows platform, I don’t even have the option to print, so I guess the plugin wont work there.
Thank you

You can use Canon Studio Solutions software (not the Print Studio), that comes with Canon cameras on a Windows PC to print to your Canon printer. It can handle exported files from dt in either png or jpg formats. I’ve done it successfully.

I use Nikon equipment. Looked at Canon web site. Only option is to download driver, no software. Looks like it was about $1,500.00.
Do you happen to know if Print Studio can work as a standalone or is it just a plugin for other editing software?

See if a friend might have the CD that came with his Canon camera. I shoot Oly, but borrowed a cd from a buddy.

Another 3rd party app you can print from on Win is Q image. It’s about $100, and the interface is a little funky, but it works.

Good idea to see if anyone has the CD or if that doesn’t work, can try Q image.
Thank you

You’re welcome, good luck