Canon R6 mk ii with rt 5.9

Does rawtherapee 5.9 supports canon’s new r6 mk ii?


Took a raw from a preview page and opened in the current RT-dev appimage.

Doesn’t read exif data yet, doesn’t crop correctly (has already been reported on github [see black borders on top and left side]), doesn’t have a camera specific profile yet.

So, seems to work, but you propably won’t get the optimal performance yet. Raw samples from review pages are easy to find for testing.

So what do you do if RT doesn’t yet support a camera?

I converted some CR3 to DNG with digikam - and see, the dng does RT much better!!!

I get the best results almost without exception with RT.
But I notice that ART does very well with new cameras. What RT can’t do at all are the pictures from Sony Z-V1, Alpha 7 IV. Sony does poorly with Canon EOS R 6 II. All this is no problem for ART. I don’t want everyone to switch to ART now, I love RT. But in a pinch, you have to switch to ART.
But it would be even better if RT would check with ART how the problem with new cameras is solved there and do the same.

Afaik, ART uses libraw, RT dcraw. Libraw seems to be maintained more actively.

There seem to be plans for RT:

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While this is true, the public releases are actually not that frequent - luckily the last one was very recently, but it might be months or a year until the next wave of new cameras are supported…