Canon R6markII & RT5.9 is inconsistent

I just tested a few images gathered from the “information super highway” because I’m considering upgrading from my canon 7dmkii to the canon r6mkii

RT5.9 appimage on opensuse leap 15.4.

The images are inconsistent. Here are some of the screenshot I took.

The browse

the edit from the browse at the 1st row, top right

completely washed out, but in the browse it looked ok

another image that is ok

All of them report

Exif data not available

but some images work, some images do not work. What’s the difference? They are from the internet.


Further info:

I just downloaded “RawTherapee_Beep6581_metadata-exiv2_release.AppImage” dated: 5 days ago (18 or 19 april 2023 depending to the time zone)

and it the same result but it shows the correct exif data.


The R6 II is not supported. Specifically, RawTherapee is missing the raw crop (see Canon EOS R6 Mark II Raw Crop · Issue #6688 · Beep6581/RawTherapee · GitHub).

In my case, it’s not the raw crop, it’s the exposure and the interpretation of the exposure.

Do you have any idea when RT, even dev, will support the r6mkii?


The incorrect raw crop is the root cause of the bad tones and colors (the same issue was resolved for a different Canon model). Appropriately licensed sample raw files is a prerequisite for support. Noone has provided any samples in the issue tracker and the RPU doesn’t have images either.

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The problem with these images is that they are not mine, so I can’t license them under anything. Reviewers have made some images available on the internet but have not changed their licenses.

BTW, I have also tried these files with ART and ART can process them “properly”. I thought that both RT & ART were closely related with most changes in the UI and organization.


ART has moved to libraw (ditching RT’s increasingly mangled engine derived from significantly hacked-up dcraw). Plans are to move RT that way eventually, but not yet.

… and LibRaw doesn’t support the R6m2 yet either - it does a closest match to R6 so one ends up w/ the wrong color matrix ATM.

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In that case what about converting to DNG?

  1. Do you know about other software than adobe dng converter? I’m opensuse leap 15.4 but I think that I could make adobe dng converter work under wine.
  2. Would RT be able to process (properly) the dng images converted until eventually RT will be able to process the originals CR3s?


You can check out DNG Lab by our own @cytrinox

It doesn’t work with canon r6 mkii images, I get:

Unknown camera: make: "Canon", model: "Canon EOS R6m2", mode: "raw"

digikam’s dng converter seems to work for me.



Digikam is also based on LibRaw and thus ends up w/ the incorrect R6 color matrix. Don’t know about their DNG conversion process.

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I can add R6II support to dnglab as soon as I get CC0 licensed samples: Canon R6 Mark II support · Issue #243 · dnglab/dnglab · GitHub

I’d love to, but these images are not mine. I do not have the camera yet.

These images are raw posted by reviewers but none of them as licensed CC0 as far as I know.


Samples have been submitted to RPU, but not approved/published yet? @LebedevRI

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Verified, thanks!


The raw crop (and color matrix) is now live in the development version.

Cool! Big thx Lawrence37!!!
Would it be possible to use the same settings for the Canon R8 too? It’s technically the same camera as the R6 Mark II (same sensor, same board). The files are interchangeable if you tweak the exit data.
Would be very nice and much appreciated here.