Canon R6Mkii and CR3 raw burst

Does anybody knows if ART supports the CR3 raw burst format to extract raw CR3s from the ‘monster file’?


PS: I do not own a R6mkII, but am seriously thinking of upgrading my current camera to it.

is this supported by libraw? If not, then there’s no chance that ART will support it either. If yes, I would need to see a sample to give an informed answer.


It seems to be from 0.21… Unfortunately, no samples on yet…

Thanks. I tried on the samples I found here and indeed it seems to work…

I also saw this thread, but it’s for a Canon G5X.

Will it be the same for the R6mk ii?


Well I’m not going to buy it just to find out :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Seriously, I think there’s a chance it might work, but without samples I can’t be sure…

Is this any use GitHub - lclevy/canon_cr3: Describing the Canon CR3 fileformat from Canon M50 / EOS R / SX70 HS / EOS RP...
It does mention the raw burst files from the R6ii, a bit down the page.