Call for samples of Canon's RAW Burst shots

Hi All!

This is a very limited call for very specific samples - Canon has created a feature that’s AFAIK only present in EOS M6 Mark II (possibly some other newer models will also receive it) that’s called “30fps RAW Burst Mode with Pre-Shooting

(It seems like it may also be present in PowerShot G7 X Mark III & others)

Here’s what we need:
There’s a separate Menu choice for “Pre-shooting,” which by default is off. If user-enabled, it starts collecting image data when the shutter button is pressed half-way down, and then once it’s pressed FULLY to begin shooting, the last 0.5 seconds worth of images before the full press are recorded to the memory card as well.

Please send a single roll prepared that way.

The samples will be used to analyze CR3 format further and it’ll end up in dnglab first and from there possibly to FOSS Raw Processors.

Currently not even adobe can handle those :slight_smile:

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From the Powershot G5 X Mark II:

This camera doesn’t support separate CRAW and RAW settings for burst mode. Also, manual ISO seems to be limited to the manual shooting mode. The minimum camera ISO is 125, the max is 12800.