Can't debug on Windows

For the past few weeks (after fresh format reinstalling Windows) I’ve been getting bad RT crashes with the dev builds where the only thing I can do is sign out of Windows to get RT to close out. It locks in File Browser view most often when opening and trying to scroll an image folder. RT often stops painting thumbnails about half way down if large enough folder, and begins to lock up and stops responding. If I don’t try to load an image, sometimes RT will crash and I can tell it to close from the not responding prompt and it will. If I try to load an image though, it will always lock up and the only way I can close RT is to restart the PC or log out of the pc. The larger number of images in the folder the more likely the crash. Some builds the crashes have been more frequent, some less frequent, and with the most recent dev_5.8-2419-g25c5e62b7_20200806 it has been the worst, crashing no matter what, and thumbnails won’t even load.

I’ve been trying to run the debug since not long after the crashes started but could never get it to crash when running it. Today for the first time it crashed with the debug running but then GDB never stopped so I could turn on the logging. Eventually I just had to sign off to get it all to close out.

I have dev builds still installed going back to dev_5.8-2374-g746be1816_20200719 so I will be experimenting more, but thought it was time to throw a flair.

I’m on Windows 10 Pro 10.0.19041 Build 19041. Everything was fine with RT before my reinstall of Windows, but it was an older release of Win10.

I just opened “RT crashing and can’t debug #5876” on github. Should I delete this post/thread?

Nah you’re fine.

@todd I’ve responded to your issue on GitHub! Not sure we can solve this easily though…

… and I hope you won’t steal my stapler or set the building on fire because of it :wink:

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Thanks. Yeah problem seems to be solved by uninstalling Bitdefender. Anybody recommend another lightweight AV solution? Used Avast for forever but just want something minimal for the very rare possibility that something sneaks through…