Can't do simple crop!!

I’ve got an image of an island from top view. There’s a lot of empty space around it in my 3600x3600 document. I’m trying to use the crop to get a resolution that fits my island. When I select reformat, all it does is move the island to the bottom-left corner. How the hell am I suposed to simply crop the freakin’ thing!?

hum RTFD maybe?

Reformat: Translates the bottom left corner of the crop rectangle to be in (0,0). This sets the output format only if ‘Format’ or ‘Project’ is selected as the output Extend. In order to actually change the format of this image stream for other Extent choices, feed the output of this node to a either a NoOp node which sets the proper format, or a Reformat node with the same extent and with ‘Resize Type’ set to None and ‘Center’ unchecked. The reason is that the Crop size may be animated, but the output format can not be animated.

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