Can't install G'MIC 2.6.1 in xubuntu 18.10

(Edgardo Hoszowski) #1

I’m trying to install G’MIC 2.6.1 in xubuntu 18.10 using the Ubuntu 18.10 Cosmic: .deb package, but it ends without any error and without installing the package.

I have an older version installed, I did:

sudo apt-get remove gmic gimp-gmic && sudo apt-get autoremove

but I still have the .config/gmic directory and


this have date 11/05/18

I don’t remember how it was installed (or when)


These files seem to be a part of this package: libgmic-dev. You might also consider downloading directly from since Ubuntu repositories are generally behind.

(Edgardo Hoszowski) #3

They are part of libgmic, and I’m downloading from that page.

I’ll remove manually any gmic installed program, I’m just worried that I may miss some dependency not named gmic.