Can't open files [solved]


I just tried 2.9.8 and then .@partha’s 2.9.6. With both I get the same problem.

  1. when opening a file it doesn’t show jpg or tif files, if all images is selected.
  2. When I try to open a tif or a jpg I get an unknown file type message:

I’m on WIN10.
Any ideas how to solve this?

Odd. I use @partha’s GIMPs on win7 and I haven’t encountered any problems. Please provide sample JPGs and TIFs. Someone has complained about this in the past few days so you aren’t the only one.

PS That warning window screenshot is huge on my screen ha ha.

I had partha’s 2.9.5 and it worked perfectly.

Well, every tif and jpg on my computer. I doesn’t open anything except an xcf file.

I have a 4k monitor so possibly it has a lot of pixls.

Gimp-2.9.6-std is not giving me any problems on win7. However, I have noticed that JPGs and TIFs of photos can take an inordinate amount of time to load compared to PNGs (or XCFs if I remember correctly).

pixls → You are in the right community!


Edit>Preferences>Folders>Plugins should list two directories, one in your own Gimp profile and one in the Gimp installation tree. Do you see them? Do they exist? Are there any file-something executables in either directory?


Thanks, that was it. The paths were wrong. It seems Gimp took the paths from some old installation.

Updated today.


I have had (unconfirmed) reports that installing GMIC sometimes breaks the plugin paths. However, I assume it’s part of Partha’s builds already?

I did recognize the path names and they were those used by the old 2.9.5 installation. So, I think, it wasn’t the fault of gmic in this case.

I am having this problem (GIMP gives an error of ‘unknown file type’ for JPEGS. I see you mentioned executables in the two Plugins directories. I have this. I installed the Resynthesizer plug-in in both paths (it wouldn’t come up from just being in the GIMP installation tree). After that, GIMP stopped being able to open/see .jpg files. Any tips?

Edit>Preferences>Folder>Plugins: you get a list of directories. In out-of-the-box Gimp, one is in your user files, and one is in the Gimp installation. The directory in the Gimp installation should contain many executables with names starting with file-: file-jpeg, file-png (file-jpeg.exe on Windows). If you only see the GMIC executables there, then find the directopry with the file- executables, and add it back to the list.

Thank you.

Holy smoke this post just saved my bacon on a project.

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