Cant open SiriL on Desktop

Hi I am new to astrophotography , Downloaded Siril and opened it on my iMac when I pressed the open button on drop down a further drop down box I clicked on desktop then in error I pressed do not allow access to desktop. I how do I change this to give permission to access desktop. I removed Siril from iMac shut down and the reloaded Siril it has remembered the action and will not allow access saying permission for use from desktop is not allowed.How to I reset the desktop banner permission to access desktop. sorry to be a pain but help is needed.

Hi, this is likely a macOS problem, you can grant permissions in the Mac preferences.

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Many thanks for your idea, I will download again and give that a try. I am getting into this in my old age and looking for any thing that will make this easier.I will reply and let you know if it works.

Thank you, thank you It was Mac problem and all seems to be fine now. All I need now is clear sky!