Can't see Siril script folder/files outside of Siril on Mac

This may have been discussed before but I could not find any previous discussions.

I am running Siril 1.0.6 from Ubuntu inside Parallels on a Mac M1. Inside Sirius I can see the scripts at computer/usr/share/siril/scripts. However, when I go to Mac_HD/usr/share on the Mac side, I do not find a folder named Siril. I am using the command+shift+period to show hidden files but the Siril fold is not there.

The third stopping point for Siril scripts is at /home/parallels/siril/scripts. There was no Siril fold showing in Siril or the Mac side. I was able to create one and drag script files from the Siril side and put them in the newly created scripts folder.

I am assuming I’m somehow not in the correct folder. Where is computer/usr/share/siril/scripts on the Mac side?

One other issue, the files at computer/usr/share/siril/scripts which can be read from inside Siril are ‘read only’ although when I copied them to /home/parallels/siril/scripts they were not ‘read only.’ I could not change the permissions of the original read only files as it said I did not have sufficient privileges.

FYI: This setup for Siril is working great in all other aspects. I have tried Windows 11, Kali, Debian, and Fedora in Parallels as well as Ubuntu in UTM and have run into some other issues which made me decide on Siril in Ubuntu in Parallels.

Hello, I don’t know anything about apple systems, but this is a generic issue, as stated in the FAQ, this can help:

Since scripts provided by Siril are usually installed in protected directory (like program files on windows or /usr elsewhere), it is wise to copy the file in the user directory. Siril can be told where to look for scripts in the preferences. See the procedure in the scripts documentation.

In summary, you can put the scripts anywhere you like and tell siril where to look.

Thanks - Good advice!