Can't translate macro from Common Lisp to TinyScheme

Hi! I wanna understand how to write macro in TinyScheme, but I don’t see any official docs how to do it… I’m kind of confused because this page doesn’t reflect the real macro syntax working in Gimp: macro word is required AFAIU to define macro instead of let-syntax.

For this reason I’ve tried to use this article hoping for the best. I’ve translated:

(defmacro setq2 (v1 v2 e)
  (list 'progn (list 'setq v1 e) (list 'setq v2 e)))


(macro (setq2 v1 v2 e)
  (list 'begin (list 'setq v1 e) (list 'setq v2 e)))

But when I’ve called it:

(define a 1)
(define b 2)
(setq2 a b 3)

I got: Error: not enough arguments. What am I doing wrong? Is it me or it’s a broken macro support in TinyScheme?

AFAIK as its name implies Tiny-Scheme (aka Script-fu) is not a full implementation of Scheme.

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