Can't use Layer Alignments in Image Compositing

After a stack with SiriL (1.2.0), I often have to align the RGB layers in Photoshop. But this is after the basic image processing in SiriL. This only for 1 or 2 pixels but this makes a big difference in further processing.
I try to do it in SiriL so I have RGB aligned stack before processing but I can’t get it to work: I split the stack into R,G and B FITS and load that again through RGB Compositing. I then get what the attached screenshot is showing.
As you can see the Layer Alignments + and - buttons are greyed out.
Is this by default or am I missing something? I did found the tutorial on RGB Compositing and in the photos there, the + and - symbols under Layer Alignments are blue.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


This is not how the alignment works. Yes you cannot do it with these spinbutton.

Yes but they are insensitive too. This is just a different theme.

To align image RGB, you need either in this dialog to select a star or a bigger pattern and click on align.
Or simpler, just select a star in your stacked image, without split the channels, then right click and align RGB.

Thanks for explanation.
The Align RGB with One Star doesn’t do the job though. It’s a stack of a colour Zwo ASI071MC Pro camera and the blue channel is the weakest and often “blurred” (depending on which filter I use) and a deviation of 1 or 2 pixels. When applying the One Star RGB Alignment, nothing happens.
So I probably took the term Layer Alignment here too literal :slight_smile: