Case of missing images

darktable 4.4.2, Ubuntu 22.04

Noticed something interesting. Trying to figure out if it’s operator error, a feature or bug. Did not have a chance to retry and see if I can reproduce it.

Enjoyed a 4 days trip, collected roughly 300+ photos over four days. Camera creates a directory per day and I imported four directories into single collection. Clicked on keep this window open button. No other parameters, especially override today’s date were changed.

After importing noticed lot of different things.

  1. Some photos were missing. Imported roughly 277 photos only. Darktable renames the files to it’s own convention and thinking some files got overwritten.
  2. Display sort order was all screwed up. I was getting one photo of one day and next photo will be after two days. Trying to change sort order based various parameters such as capture time etc. did not have any effect. I basically lost logical track of places I visited as it was all jumbled up. Culling was impossible as I could not see other photos around that time frame.

I did verify using exiftool that raw images have proper timestamp.

I ended up deleting the whole collection and imported one folder at a time without keeping dialog open. This produced expected result - sort order is proper and I see the photos in a desired way.

Did I do something wrong? I’ll try to reproduce it when I get some free time and log a bug if others think this is not expected behavior.