Celtic Knotted Leprechaun

ddg: Vision of a Celtic knotted Leprechaun | Deep Dream Generator

Never in my wildest imaginations could I have rendered something like this with tools I’ve picked up over the years (over 20 now). Again, when you cannot beat an AI, you just show its results. lol

I know; a bit too early for St. Patty’s Day; just couldn’t help myself. Just wish I had a 3D printer; would get an AI to create a 3D model of this one and have it printed. lol




I like the way they used two shades of green.

This is very impressive.

He won’t be getting up to much leprechauny stuff with his hands all knitted together, though.

No indication that he could not unravel and free his hands. Do not underestimate a leprechaun: that is how it gets you.

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