Change cropped padding size

Hello! I’ve been using RawTherapee for quite some time to edit my NEF raw files. Their dimensions were always 6016x4016, but RawTherapee detected 6008x4008. I assumed the extra pixels to be some kind of padding, so I always cropped them out. Today, after opening a 6000x4000 DNG image, RawTherapee reports the image is 5992x3992, thus cropping some of the pixels I wanted to keep. Is there something I’m missing? Perhaps an option that automatically removes padding? If so, how can I adjust the size of the padding? Thanks in advance!

Please have a look at rawpedia

Thanks, I actually searched before posting but didn’t find the specific page. But the demosaicing options are absent while editing my DNG, why so?

That should be simple: because your DNG does not contain mosaiced data, but already demosaiced data.

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Does it seem weird only to me that RT would crop the border on demosaiced data as well? How am I supposed to keep the original dimensions now?

Can you share the NEF and DNG for closer inspection?

Sure, didn’t do it already only because of the file size. There they are.

I can confirm something odd is going on with the sizes. Importing the DNG in Adobe Photoshop shows it has 6000x4000 pixels. Loading the DNG in RawTherapee shows 5992x3992 pixels and since demosaicing is not possible, it is also not clear if a border is cropped off.

Interestingly also is that if set the raw border of the NEF so that 5992x3992 pixels remain, it is not the same crop as the DNG. It’s offset somehow.

@heckflosse Any clue perhaps?

That seems weird. I’ve never worked with DNGs to be honest, just got to use them since I started using ON1 NoNoise for noise reduction and it happens to export DNGs.

Looks like a bug with border size for demosaiced DNG files. I will have a look now.


I pushed a fix


Thanks Ingo! And thanks to @MinePro120 for reporting. A new nightly build (tomorrow) should show the correct behavior.

That was fast :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:. Thanks for the help and the great software, first bug I’ve seen so far and it’s not even an important one.

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