Change scroll bar width and/or color? - in css?

(Bill Mclaughlin) #1

Thanks to the helpful folks here I was able to change the font size in my Win10 version. Could anyone tell me if there is a way to widen or change the color of the scroll bar on the right side when working with modules. Thank you!!

(Todd Prior) #2

Bill check out the DT facebook page I posted some edited darktable.css files for the grey and white themes as well as one with an altered scrollbar set up…also quickly I found this in the forum


Jan 6


wishlist items are scrollbars

You can put in darktable.css

/* margin: 0; / / this makes scroll bars super wide. */
margin: 3;

for a margin of bar of more wide displacement

There is a great tutorial that explains the elements of the scrollbar as used by css coding to control appearance…this might be useful if you attempt to customize the elements of your scroll bars in the darktable.css file.

(Bill Mclaughlin) #3

Thanks so much! will give a try!!!


thank you for the tip… wider scroll bar makes them easier to work with. I was always clicking by accident in the area that hides all the modules

(Todd Prior) #5

I think the post was around Jan 18th ……there is a screenshot in there….actually the nice thing is that if you boost the margin or the padding for the scroll bar then you just have to be
in that box and not be particularly accurate and then just roll your scroll wheel to scroll…even at the default thinner one its pretty liberal…if you are in the area and scroll wheel it scrolls…

(Bill Mclaughlin) #6


Initially, I just changed the value from 0 to 3 and nothing happened (i’m way out of my pay grade here!) but then I pasted the entire string in there and --brilliant!

thanks again for your help!