Changes to Import routine on latest GIT break LUA import filters?

darktable Git 3.5.0+1451~gc4212703e

Recent changes to the Import routine seem to break the LUA option ‘prefer raw over jpeg option’ .

When selecting an import folder one is taken to the folder but then is asked to select images rather than simply importing the folder content - filtered as requested. The ‘prefer raw over jpeg option’ is ignored.

Can anybody confirm this is the case?

Ran a test and it appears that the LUA filter is not being called. Will file an issue.

Issue filed #8525

Thank you!

The fix is done, just waiting to be merged into master

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Just merged

That seems to do the trick.
Although I suspect some will find the second directory/file selection window confusing as it still displays all files, including those that will be excluded.
But, hey ho it works.

Just noticed that this only works when using ‘Import in place’
Fails when ‘Copy and Import’ is used.

Not a big issue for me but a note in the LUA script might be helpful to others.

Screenshot from 2021-03-26 16-00-45

We’ve been talking about how to make it work with copy and import. Still a work in progress…

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