changing hue of a color in krita

Hi, this photo underwent heavy manipulation in RT. As a result, there are magenta areas around the branches of the tree (blue was shifted to red/magenta with the HH-curve in the Lab-module because it looked to greenish initially). I solved this problem by saving the file and re-editing it in RT and shifting magenta to blue. But how would I do this in Krita? I did not find any similar filter.

Thanks in advance

Cross-color adjustment using hue by hue while setting it to color blending or convert document to LAB and see if changing curves would help with a bit of gmic assistent. Krita does not reeally have anything like LCH support. If that was the case, you could use cross colorr adjustment adjustment layer.

Thanks. Cross-color adjustment hue by hue appears to work, even without changing the blending mode. But editing the hue channel in the “simple” curves tool works, too. Basically it is the same tool as in RT, just looks a bit different. Lab is more tricky though.