Cheap infrared filter

Hardware people will like this…


The images are “borrowed” from Kolari, they make quite the opposite of cheap filters. Means, the images in that link do not match the project.

And anyway, the color IR effect comes heavily from pp. On top, a non-converted camera will require long exposure times since the internal hot-mirror filter in front of the sensor will cut IR and UV.

Non branded IR filters are quite cheap. Removing the hot-mirror filter from the sensor can be a tricky task.

I did my first conversion myself on my ORite VC3210 back in 2009, made a focal plane out of a cut microscope slide, and used a cut floppy disk as the IR-pass. Thick (5mil, contractor-grade) trash bags also can work, though I found optical clarity on the floppy media much more consistent.

Used KolariVision for all my conversions after that.

The video embed in the article does show how the filter looks and compares the two though.

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