Checker mask offset issue


Is anyone having this problem when you create an alpha channel and when you activate the checker mask, it is not lining up?

Alpha mask issue

nope, here everything is fine with the checkerboard in the awesome 2.4 (win 10- intel i7 - nvidia)

My issue must be only Mac related.

Confirmed, I get that too (macOS Big Sur). Can you file an issue on github?


Works on macOS High Sierra (and Linux).

Only the version compiled on 10.15 is affected (when running on Big Sur).
I will continue to investigate. The bug probably only affects retina screen (notice the checkerboard is twice smaller and its coordinates with respect to the lower left are twice smalle).

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This is fixed in the code! see Alpha CheckerBoard Offset issue (Big Sur) · Issue #614 · NatronGitHub/Natron · GitHub