"Christmas" Comet 46P/Wirtanen

When I heard about this comet and its associated debris field / meteor shower I immediately pictured myself out in the cold tending to my steadily clicking camera. The weather was permitting nothing of that sort at night. Clear as a bell in the daytime. Turns out the daytime sky is a giant hazy blue cloud that blocks our view outward, due to the Raleigh effect caused by the size of airborne dust. (As if you hadn’t noticed.)

  • Was just wondering if anyone else was able to capture anything this week skyward?
    Image courtesy SOHO Data (nasa.gov)
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I didn’t know about that comet, but I was hoping to get out to shoot Orion and the Winter Milky Way last weekend. Sadly I didn’t get out for various reasons. I’m hoping to get out this weekend for it if the weather cooperates. Here’s a recent (partial) re-edit of Orion and the Winter Milky Way with the Zodiacal Light I took earlier this year. I need to get or create lens correction data for this lens, which will really help the corners. Processed in Siril and Darktable and blended with Gimp.

I did some primitive star reduction on this one this morning. I think I prefer it. Almost too many stars otherwise, but protecting the more prominent ones by exclusion then using the Gimp/Astronomy Tools/Round Stars.