Christmas Tree in a little town

Despite being a long-term darktable user, this time I decided to give RawTherapee a shot :slight_smile:

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Nice Christmas tree. Thanks for sharing.
My idea is to darken the background and cool the image.
This is the result:

20211211_FUJI9367.jpg.out.pp3 (25.3 KB)


Hello again,
I noted in my previous processing that there are a few things that can be improved:

  1. The lights on the lampposts draw too much attention.
  2. The star above the tree needs more luminosity.

For 1) the best thing is the clone module. Very easy:

There are 2 lampposts. With the other one the same

For 2) local adjustments. It will be at standard level because a brightness curve will be needed. But it will not be complicated at all.

  1. We put a spot1 on top of the lights:

  1. Add module Log Encoding. Press Automatic button.

  1. Up sliders of local contrast

  2. In the section All tools select in Surround: Extremly Dark. This will provide a dark background in the spot.

  1. Add new spot called Star2 and add module Color & Light with standard level

5b) The scope of the spot should be as follows:

  1. In curves: Activate Curve type: normal
    And in the LL-CC curve in standard curve type move up the lower left point to the top as indicated: (to create a small radiance)

  2. And finally, the radiance can be made blue.

… or yellow:

Resultado final: (with white radiance):

20211211_FUJI9367-1.jpg.out.pp3 (30.5 KB)


Edit: I had forgotten one important thing: the scope of the spot to make the radiance. I add it in section 5b)

FUJI9367.RAF.xmp (14.2 KB)

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Beautiful capture. Tried to enhance the glow a little but it’s difficult to not overdo it which I might have…

I used RT5.8 dev and GIMP for this one.
FUJI9367.jpg.out.pp3 (28.2 KB)

GIMP workflow:


wonderful capture

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Great picture, here’s my take (DT). I’m doing some blooming mainly around the 3 bows/ribbons (Not sure if it’s too much). Also did some light retouching in the black area and over the two large lamp bulbs

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