CIE color not working in RT 5.1?

I was just trying this in RT5.1 but CIE C.A.M 2002 exposure is playing up. See how far I’ve moved the top point before clipping starts, and see relationship to histogram. This can’t be right? Can someone else perhaps check if they get this (there are no other exposure adjustments, in fact very little generally going on apart from the CIECAM). If so, I’ll report a bug. Thanks.

Please don’t hijack play_raw with software specific issues. We can continue discussion for this issue in a separate thread. Maybe @patdavid ,@Morgan_Hardwood or @paperdigits can move this two posts (yours and mine) into a separate thread. I’m sure I could to that too, but I have to admit that I don’t know how.

Ask and you shall receive.

These posts were split from Houz’ play raw post.

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Does the same thing in 4.2. The extent of my knowledge is that CIECAM02 lightness works differently than in RGB or Lab*. You might also wish to send Billy Biggs an email, his email address is in the middle of the CIECAM02 code: RawTherapee/ at dev · Beep6581/RawTherapee · GitHub
Other contributors include the Discuss participants @floessie @Morgan_Hardwood @heckflosse and Github users ogniw · GitHub and atorger · GitHub .

Most importantly, @jdc

Folks, would you like me to raise a report, or is the above enough to kick things off? I see I can log in to github, and have read the “how to”, all seems ok.

I’ve created Issue 3886 to cover the above.
I’ve also created 3887 to cover a further anomaly I noticed.

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A big Thank You to @jdc who has made some code changes to improve CIECAM processing, and thanks to others involved in the github discussion. At present these changes are in their own branch, I assume they’ll merge into the mainstream in due course.

I just merge branch “ciecamtest” in dev :slight_smile: