Ciecam use for print viewing

last time I printed some images with a profiled monitor and a calibrated and profiled printer my prints viewed indoor were too dark and on display they were right. Outdoor at noon they were ok.
Question: Could ciecam02 module be useful for print viewing better inside?

Or I didn’t understood nothing about ciecam and this module is not for print viewing?



Yes you can uses “ciecam” as a print viewing
It’s in the documentation (Rawpedia)

All settings “Viewing conditions” are concerned :slight_smile:

Hi Jacques,
first many thank for your response but I’m confused…
When I saw my prints too dark I immediately thought about a Ciecam use…
hence I set the viewing conditions as very dark ( I was in a very dark room) but the preview become very dark and the histogram pulled to the left… If I save and after I print such image it will be more dark than those I printed first…

How do I must use ciecam??:confused:

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very difficult to say…

But for ciecam

  1. set the “absolute luminance” to the value you think beiing viewing conditions. In general it is inside , about 10 or 30 cd/m2…or more, if it is outside (to the sun about 5000…or more)

  2. set the temperature of the viewing conditions, if it is inside a room ? is it tugsten, T=2875 ? is it inside with sun outside ? T about 6000K…etc.
    green about 1 ? Except for viewing conditions very specials (halogen, LED…)

  3. mean luminance of your photos… 18 is a mean value (general grey)…if it is correctly exposed and well processed

  4. surround : do you have a black border for your photos, or what is the “color” of the backgrond (white, grey, black), if it is grey or white choose “average”
    Black, if you watch yours photos on a black support.

But CIECAM cannot solve others problems :slight_smile:



Okay so: You turned on ciecam and set the viewing conditions to very dark. That’s good. Now it shows you what your picture would look like in a dim room. If you want it to look nice in said dim room, boost the brightness (outside of ciecam settings) until it looks nice with these settings. Then turn off ciecam and save the image and print. It should look overly bright in regular situations but just fine in a dim room. At least that’s my take on it. Let me know how it goes :slight_smile:

Why do you set viewing conditions to very dark ?? … in a dim room ???
If it is a dim room, choose “dim” ???

My english is very very bad…I am an old man… but I don’t understand what you want and what you do !



Hi All,
excuse me for the late , I was busy…
Surely CIECAM can adapt the image to viewing conditions, but my issues were I had a very dark room environment and a black RT surround .
With a white background and some light in the room have solved . Now My print are good.

The only thing is my indoor lamps are about 2700-3000 K therefore and actually I didn’t decide to make a tungsten ICC profile or leave eyes adapt itself to the white of the image.

However it amazing when I change the color temperature into the CIECAM module to 2700K the images on tne monitor and the print are almost the same.

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