Clearness of thumbnails and photos in Editor

I just started to use RawTherapee 5.8 , so later I could switch to it from Adobe Camera Raw and Lightroom.
I have two questions: Is it possible to show thumbnails more clearly without increasing their size(height and width)? When open a photo in Editor, It also shows kind of blurry if it is less than 100% view, is it possible to make it look normally?
Thank you very much!

This is a weakness and inconvenience in RawTherapee as far as I know. I’m not aware of a setting to fix it. My exported images from RawTherapee look clearer in Photoshop and (I’m using high dpi 4K monitor). The interpolation algorithm used to generate previews in the Editor and thumbnails in the File Browser apparently causes undesirable softness.

This isn’t specifically related to your question but so you’re aware, RawTherapee 5.9 has just been released. It’s been 2+ years since 5.8 and many fixes as well as new and improved features are now available in that stable release.

Thank you for answer! It seems the only solution for now is to use external monitor (right now I am using laptop), I will try that

Thank you! Yes I know about version 5.9, but there is no build for Mac so far. I am still waiting :slight_smile: Actually I am using RawTherapee 5.8-3163, I think it is something in between…