Click on Help produces SECURE_FAILURE

Windows 7
Gimp 2.10.32

I installed
Clicking on Help produces
Parse error in ‘’:
GET request failed: WinHttp error: SECURE_FAILURE

What did I miss?

You should download the latest gimp, which is 2.10.32 or something along those lines.

He does have it. Looks like GIMP is still trying to connect to the server after the help install, which I assume are local files, but failing.

As a starting point, we can read more about the error here: Error Messages (Winhttp.h) - Win32 apps | Microsoft Docs.

It may have to do with Windows 7… Any ideas @rich2005?

Then what is the 2.10.0 exe?

A help file mismatch then? I mostly refer to the online manual when I forget something; I can’t recall how to get the help file installation working…

I am a linux user but have seen plenty Windows Gimp Help questions over the years. At one time the Windows GIMP help browser did not work (ok now). This in a Windows 7 64 bit (also tried a Win7 32 bit & is the same)

Before installing the help package Edit → Preferences → Interface → Help System should look like this with a notice “The user manual is not installed locally”

After installing the help package, the files go in the Gimp system in a …\help\en folder. Possible snags are Gimp is installed somewhere else or the installed version of English is not US ie. en …But worth checking that all the files are there.

Back to Edit → Preferences and there should be a “There’s a local installation of the user manual” notice and “Use interface language”.
That works here for Gimp help Browser option

and Web Browser option.

That might be the problem, an up-to-date Browser (not MS Internet Explorer) & over secure. Then use the Gimp built-in option or it might be the language used, change that to US English.

If all else fails get the Help in PDF format. Good for all platforms with a PDF reader.

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