Clipped highlight indication responds to masks themselves?

ART, Windows 11

It’s me again… If this behavior is intentional, just tell me to go away. :upside_down_face: But it doesn’t seem logical to me it would be… If it’s a bug I’ll be glad to figure out how to file it.

When the clipped highlight indication is enabled, it will mark masks themselves as clipping, even when there’s no clipping in the image. For example (and I can attach the raw if desired)…

No masks visible, clipping highlight indication enabled, no clipping:

Area mask:

Parametric mask (clipping in the water grass at left):

DeltaE mask (clipping everywhere, e.g., the foreground leaves are completely masked):

Brush mask:

This caught me off-guard when I was trying to apply a brush mask. I had the clipping indicator on, but had forgotten. Each time I would enable mask display, the preview would go grey.

Is this a bug or by design? Since a mask isn’t image data, how can it inherently clip?


It’s a bug, due to the way the clipping indicators are computed – basically, by checking what goes to the screen (simplifying a bit). The only feasible workaround would be to turn off the indicators when a mask is being shown. I’ll think about how to best do that, thanks!


At first when the preview went totally grey I was for a minute considering rebooting my laptop… I am on Windows after all! LOL