Close of PR #479

Natron’s current repository has 4 pull requests:

  • 1 PR improves the documentation
  • 1 PR improves build instructions and other markdown docs
  • 1 PR implements QtPy support
  • 1 PR is a design change which extends the Natron stylesheet with SCSS and a CSS build system - this is PR #479

Frankly, I am of the opinion that #479 really isn’t going to improve Natron much:

  • The design changes may be nice, but they weren’t made with consideration for design principles, contrast requirements, or for readability in mind
  • The very disorganized PR has a massive diff of −228,944 files, nearly all of which are essential to Natron, and it would take weeks to clean up such a massive PR
  • Even if the PR is merged, it is still only going to be an interrim design improvement - many of Natron’s design issues are more fundamental and they won’t be solved by this PR
  • The PR is old, the author has not updated it, and the author has not shown interest in cleaning up the PR

Can we agree that PR #479 should be closed?

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Great! The PR is closed now, thanks for the quick response.