CLUT from After - Before Layers: 2 layers needed problem

My aim is to generate the CLUT from one image to the other (png, same size) with GIMP.

I open the first image.
Then open the second image (File / Open As Layers).
Now invoke G’MIC (Filter / G’MIC-Qt).
Choose “CLUT from After - Before Layers”,
Output mode: “Save CLUT as …”
Preview says:
“Preview warning:
At least two input layers are needed to run this filter”.
Disable preview, start anyway (Apply or OK):
“*** Error in ./*** At least two…”

Where is the problem, please?

G’MIC-Qt for GIMP 2.1 - Windows 64 bit - 3.3.2
GIMP 2.10.32 @ Win7-64

Do you have input layers set to “All” or “Active and Below” (if on top layer) ?

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I thought I tried that.
… but I hadn’t.

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