CoaTools plugin not working in GIMP

Hey, I am using latest GIMP and can’t manage to get CoaTools to work. Any hint? What I am doing as a workaround is create the layers in GIMP, export as PSD and open in Krita to export as json. (Krita can’t open latest .xcf it seems)

Are you getting any error messages when the failure occurs?

It used to say that the plugin crashed. Now I can’t even see it anymore in the menu. :man_shrugging:

What is CoaTools ?
Gimp Version?
Operating System and Version?
Krita Version?

A GIMP/Krita/PS export plugin to generate sprites to use in Blender for cutout animations.

Latest version

Arch - rolling


Do you even have a link to the plugin?
And what does the author of the plugin say to the issue?

Here you go: GitHub - ndee85/coa_tools: COA Tools is a 2D Animation Suite for blender. It offers a 2D cutout animation workflow similar to programs like spine or spriter.

And, yes, this is an issue, I am asking here to see if anyone has a workaround… :wink:

Do you have python 2.x installed?
Do you have this menu item:

Which folders are listed in Edit->Preferences Folders->Plugins?

Just for everyone else, here is the plugin:
And I think this is the issue:


Python2 is installed: 2.7.18

I don’t have the Python-Fu option in the menu.

The plugin folders:

This are the two folders where Gimp searches for plug-ins. Where have you placed the plug-in?

But if you don’t have the Python-Fu option in the menu it could be that Arch has not compiled in the Python support for Gimp.

I put it in my .config folder… I also created a 2.8 plugin folder and put it there as well to see if I could trick it.