Codecs with alpha channels

Original: How would you export a project to a sequence of gifs?

Edit: Please list a list of file formats and codecs that support Alpha (transparent) channels.

“looks like gif doesn’t have transparency”

this is wrong

Ok. Now the problem changes. I would like to ask: what codecs support an alpha channel? Please try to list as many as possible.

also, which file formats support an alpha channel?

It is not possible to export a transparent gif from Natron because it does not support indexed colour. This question was asked before and WIlliam Young gave a good explanation of the situation

You should export a png and then use another program (GIMP, Imagemagick) to convert the frames to transparent gif.

Good idea. By the way i changed the title, go look at it.


hey sorry @Drako and thanks @hellocatfood for the info. gif doesn’t have alpha channel so i thought it can’t have transparency.