Collection sort order

(Börje Johansson) #1


I´m new to darktable, been only using it for a month or so but I think this is an excellent piece of software, hats off for the developers. I was about to replace Lightroom when I found darktable.

One problem that i ran into was that I could not setup a Collection and make the sort order stick. Maybe I have overlooked something but I think I have read the manual quite thoroughly and I could not find any clue to how to do it. The problem is that I have images from my camera which i sort by date and I also have scanned images which I sort by filename, I also have a few directories custom sorted.

So, have I missed something or is this by design? Oh, sorry, I am on Win 10 Home and darktable 2.6.0.

(Pascal Obry) #2

In 2.6 you have a custom order in the lighttable filters. The manual for 2.6 is not yet ready, so you’ve not missed this while reading… the 2.4 manual :slight_smile:

(Börje Johansson) #3

Hello Pascal

Maybe I was not clear enough, what I want is to set a Collection or Collection preset to have s specific sort order.
Let´s assume that I have filename as sort order in a collection then change collection and use time as sort order. If I then go back to the first collection the sort order is now time and not filename. This is not a big problem if I can just change sort order but if I have a custom sort order I sure want it to stay that way otherwise I have to reorder it every time I look at that specific collection.


Do you mean something such as what I would call “named ordered collections”, where each of them has its own special sort order? I was writing about how I imagine such a feature and its implementation several times, but I totally failed to explain it in a way that made sense for others. See e.g. the thread below:

Sorting itself is now implemented, but I had no time yet to test it. But I still think an additional collection functionality that does not follow darktables parametric approach but is only defined by images selected by the user (but where additionally the parametric sorting can be applied) would be beneficial.