Color calibration before crop

Hello, my name is Manu and I am from Jaén, Spain.

I have a question when it comes to using photometric color calibration.

If we have previously cropped the image, when entering the lens focal length (in my case I use an aps-c reflex camera and a 150-600), does this focal change? pixel size too?

For example, if I shoot at 600mm, in aps-c it becomes 920mm. Do I always have to enter 960 or when cropping that focal length will it be affected? If so, how can we know the correct focal length?


No, it doesn’t change. Focal Length and pixel size are used to compute the image escale and this is independent of the “crop” (sensor size / field size).

SiriL is expecting you introduce the real focal length (600mm in your example)

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Thank you very much, Rafa.