Color Calibration (black-body)

I notice that color-calibration nearly always uses the ‘black-body’ setting for all daylight images. OK, it is easy enough to change but … a bit of a nuisance. Is there something that I can change in my basic processing that is causing this result.

  • When the CCT is followed by “(black body)”, this means that the current illuminant is close to an ideal black body (Planckian) spectrum ± 0.5 %, and the CCT figure is therfore meaningful. In this case, you are advised to use the “Planckian (black body)” illuminant.

I think its just a reporting thing. You have the iso thermal lines running through the Planckian locus and an error region along it…so if you are outside that you get invalid and if you are closer to the curve it likely reports the closest reference… at least this is how I interpret this…

When one of the above illuminant detection methods is used, the module checks where the calculated illuminant sits using the two idealized spectra (daylight and black body) and chooses the most accurate spectrum model to use in its illuminant parameter. The user-interface will change accordingly:


I could be wrong but I know AP has explained this in at least one of his video’s…

Good time to (re-)read about standard illuminants: