Color calibration done right in export

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So I’m having an issue that’s been bugging me every now and then. Most of the time my exports from RawTherapee look acceptable whether in color managed environments or not …but sometimes in high contrast/saturation situations the results vary a lot. Maybe I’m missing something but i’m wondering if I can do things in some way that I can save the image and it to look the same all over :stuck_out_tongue:

S7_03069.ARW (47.1 MB)

original-RT-preset-S7_03069.jpg.out.pp3 (16.1 KB)

original-with-gamut-control-S7_03069.jpg.out.pp3 (16.1 KB)

customprofile1-S7_03069.jpg.out.pp3 (16.1 KB)

The last one was my attempt in creating a custom color space that can produce similar results whether color managed or not. Then I realized that one screen isn’t the same as another and unmanaged results may look different depending on the screen and …I cry :stuck_out_tongue:

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– Side note for whoever cares: the preset is my work in progress of coming up with a viable 400H wannabe preset. (requires WB warming to look good).

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hi @stefan.chirila, i am not sure if i am getting your point correctly. As you already mentioned, each screen is different. Especailly, when not calibrated, the screen is showing some predefined or user defined, contrasts, colours, brightness and so on. There is no chance to create an export file which will make it look identical all over those screens. The only you can do, is to export in sRGB (RTv4_sRGB), which comes the closest basic standard to all screens.

In case , i misunderstood your question, pls feel free to ignore this mail.


I don’t think you’re missing anything, its just not possible.

If you want to try for the best that is possible, calibrate your screen and output to sRGB.

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Morning, @stefan.chirila,

Martin was typing faster than what I did :slight_smile:

… create custom color space that produces similar results whether color managed or not.

You can not. It is simply not possible.

one screen isn’t the same as another and unmanaged results may look different depending on the screen

Even managed results may look different.
You will never know – and you can never predict – how your image
looks at the remote monitor.

Safest bet: export according to Martin’s recommendation, i.e. sRGB.

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

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sRGB is the closest you can get here, since non-colormanaged systems usually have an implicit end-to-end sRGB assumption. Similarly, colormanaged applications assume sRGB if no color management metadata exists.

But they are often routinely not calibrated either, and there’s nothing you can do about that.


No you guys didn’t misunderstand. I am basically trying to see if I can somehow avoid this sort of thing happening; which can in most cases be avoided when the viewer is color managed :frowning: