Color calibration in Ubuntu 22.04 with i1Display Plus

I am running a BenQ SW271, which supports hardware calibration. And I do have a i1Display Plus colorimeter.

My workflow used to be, whenever the monitor reminded me to calibrate, that I booted into Windows, used BenQs “Palette Master Element” to “hardware calibrate” my monitor, then I booted into my Ubuntu 20.04 and ran DisplayCal to do a more thorougher calibration.

However, now I have upgraded to Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, and DisplayCal is not available (as it seems it has been abandoned). Ubuntu/Gnome has it’s own built-in calibration tool in it’s settings menu, but that throws an error: “Calibration failed! An internal error occurred that could not be recovered.”
I do not know if my i1Display is not supported, or there is something else. I have not been able to figure out what hardware is supported.

What are my options? How do you guys calibrate your displays in Ubuntu 22.04?

There is a Flatpak for Displaycal and someone has also ported it to Python 3


I’ve just run-up DisplayCal ( ok on 22.04.
It appears to be available as a Flatpak.

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Maybe you also need to download the newest argyll from the devs website and set up dispaycal so it uses it

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