Color filter B&W in color calibration and other

Hello to everyone, this is my first post in this forum. I use darktable since about a year. In this days I’m trying to reproduce the effect of color dilters for black and white photos. I think with the color calibration module I’m having the best results. I post some images of the setting for the red filter, tell me what do you think about it.
I also have a question. Since I obtain the black and white images from color calibration module I couldn’t use color zones module to adjust tone or brightness of certain colors, so I put color zone module before color calibration to make it work. Is there could be some downsides in this order changing?

Thank you.

Hi and welcome! Since color filters in black and white alter the scene’s contrast, I would use tone equalizer instead of other modules.

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You are right! It is a good alternative. I will give it a try! I must say that the settings for the red filter I had found aren’t so good. My mistake was to play with color calibration with a monitor not calibrated. I will continue to try because I like the effect those filters make with images.

I think it’s fine, if I’m editing BW image, I’ve put my 2nd Colour Calibration module to do BW conversion right before Filmic RGB, and if I want to adjust certain “colour”, I’ve used Colour Balance RGB with a parametric mask or move Colour Zones module somewhere in between Colour Calibration module (Depends on what kind of adjustment i want to make).

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