Color Grading: Street Performer in Paris

this is a picture I took some years ago in Paris, near Notre Dame (before the fire).
The challenge here is to render the warm atmosphere of a late afternoon with pleasing color harmony.
I went for a split complementary scheme in this edit.

DSC05356.ARW (24 MB)
DSC05356.ARW.xmp (15.3 KB)

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Thanks for sharing.

DT 3.7

DSC05356.ARW.xmp (18.9 KB)


Great picture.
Here my version.

Color balance:

  • purples in the shadows → lift the blacks (global offset)
  • some red in highlights


  • increase contrast
  • lower the lattitude

Edited with Darktable 3.7 (master)

DSC05356.ARW.xmp (9.5 KB)

Dt 3.7
DSC05356.ARW.xmp (23.8 KB)

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The building is the “Prefecture de police” which stands in front of Notre Dame which is directly on the right of photographer who is on “Pont au double”.

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Thanks for posting,
darktable 3.6

DSC05356_01.ARW.xmp (14.0 KB)

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I opted more for the brown tone:

DSC05356_05.ARW.xmp (16,8 KB)

darktable 3.7.0~git793.8953e78755-1


DSC05356.ARW.xmp (34.0 KB)


DSC05356.ARW.xmp (40.7 KB)

colour.grading.street.perform.pp3 (19.0 KB)

I created the above one first, letting the image take me wherever it would and ended up with a cool, pinkish highlights, blue-ish shadows and slightly desaturated edit.

Problem is: MarcoNex asked for a warm version :sweat_smile:

So I also tried my luck with a somewhat unconventional, analogous warm colour combination: Warm green for the shadows and orange for the highlights.

colour.grading.street.perform.02.pp3 (25.8 KB)


Orange & teal look

darktable-git: DSC05356.ARW.xmp (11.4 KB)


I would like to thank you all for the edits!
The ones I like in particular are from @apostel338 , @Jade_NL and @s7habo.
Boris, studying your edits is always a masterclass, but I have a question: I saw you used Lowpass and Color LUT, positioned before filmic. Both are Lab modules which don’t perform well in the scene referred part of the pipeline. In fact, Color LUT clips the highlights, for example in the wall on the right. Was it intentional and if so, why?

Thank you!

Hm, I have not used a LUT module here. But if I use it, then it should go above Filmic. And as for it lowpass, you’re right. It doesn’t belong in scene-reffered workflow, but, since you don’t have an adequate replacement in 3.6, I use it anyway because it’s very good for the smooth contrasts. So far I have not had any artifacts. But you should avoid it in fact.

Since 3.7. there is a replacement that I use - the diffuse or sharpen module. However, at playraw I always try to use the modules that are available in the stable version of darktable, so that there are no conflicts if people don’t use a developer version.

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Nice scene, thanks for letting us play with it!
Here i used camera WB and a LUT named Fall Colors which fits nicely IMHO

DSC05356_RT.jpg.out.pp3 (15.0 KB)


RawTherapee Dev. I used one of my custom presets that I named 'Warm Memories" and applied a few more tweaks. (Warm memories is supposed to give somewhat of a 70s film vibe, at least that is what I tried for :thinking:.)
DSC05356-1.jpg.out.pp3 (21.3 KB)


Here’s my “somewhat warm but maybe not so much” version :sweat_smile:

DSC05356_01.ARW.xmp (38.8 KB)
dt 3.7

Thanks for sharing!


my version

a little bit blurred around the edges, like an old lens and some grain

Color Grading - Street Performer in Paris_DSC05356.ARW.xmp (12.9 KB)

DSC05356_02.ARW.xmp (320.3 KB)


@MarcoNex Great subject. Full of character. I like your rendition.

@shinoryo Welcome to the forum!