Color Shift in Siril 1.2.1

I use Photoshop in conjunction with Siril for image processing. When I go from Photoshop to Siril after processing, there is a color shift after the file is opened in Siril. Please see the enclosed images. The file RosetteSHO+RGB-original.jpg is processed in Photoshop. The file is then opened in Siril and there is a color shift as seen in RosetteSHO+RGB-test.jpg.

Is there a way of preserving the color of the Photoshop file in Siril?

David Puglia

This is because this version of Siril doesn’t handle the color management very well. It is something fixed in Siril 1.3.0 alpha.

But yet, you need to know that Siril 1.2 saves files in sRGB. Using this color profile should be good.

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Converting files to sRGB worked. I do have a master file with a different profile for other applications.


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