"Color to Gray" procedure for Script-Fu

Does anybody know how to access the Colors > Desaturate > Color to Gray filter within script-fu? I can’t seem to find this in the Procedure Browser. Trying to run through a batch operation with this, but I need to procedure name and arguments first.

Apparently, this is built into GEGL. I was able to grab the command line version of GEGL from Cygwin and use the filter there. The operation is called “c2g”.

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It is possible, but since GEGL functions are not in the pdb you need to ‘wrap’ the GEGL filter in a script-fu or a python ‘wrapper’ which registers in the pdb and then call that in your script.

see: Scripting GEGL functions • GIMP Chat maybe ask a question there

the c2g syntax here: gegl:c2g