Color Toning for Fixing Gray Skies

I have viewed the 3 videos sent by helpful people on this forum. They are all by the same guy. I still can’t figure out how to use this tool. I can’t get my curser to highlight the given area. Any other ideas. Or, if some one would be willing to email me at

Which software are you talking about? Maybe also tell us which video(s) you’ve watched so we have a better understanding of what it is you are after.

EDIT: Are you still talking about this?

If so: Please tell us exactly what you tried and what did (or did not) work.

People have tried to help you, so you need to give us specific info in order for us to help you any further.

Thanks so much for responding. The videos were from a gentleman from Australia, with a weird, but funny sense of humor. It is version 5.8 Rawtherapee.

Andy ???..I didn’t think Andy was an Aussie…

Some links, screenshots and a whole lot more information would go a long way. Help us help you.

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I would suggest that you view them again and try to edit one of your photos in the same way as shown in the videos. Just follow along step by step. Pause and restart the video as needed. That’s what I do and perhaps it will help you too.

OK. Thank you.