Color zones : color picker not working properly

dt 3.1.0+1707~g1bd0d448b, Ubuntu 18.04

Using the left color picker by CTRL-clicking (area selection) the range shown in the diagram does not represent the color range selected in the image. The right endpoint seems to be correct, the left endpoint always stucks at red, the left end of the scale (see screenshot), independent of the selected area.

If one uses single left click (instead of CTRL-click) to select a single color, a range is shown in the diagram (instead of a line). The right end of the range seems to represent the selected color, the left end behaves like decribed above.

I did not observe this issue in version dt 3.1.0+1650, must have been inserted in the recent versions of git master.

Must be something related to recent slim-colorpicker changes which greatly simplify boilerplate code needed to support color pickers in IOPs by @dterrahe :slight_smile:

@pehar Interesting! I’m going to look into this. It seems that the minimum color always comes back as all the way to the left. If you pick a range (Ctrl-Click), often the min = 0 and max = 100, so it actually highlights the whole range (with the average shown as a line in the middle). But if you pick a point, min, max and average should be equal so you should just see the line. Instead the whole left is highlighted.

At this point I have no idea how my code could have broken this, but I’m going to find out :slight_smile:

OK, interestingly (and a bit annoyingly); I saw the problem as described in an earlier version that I had lying about, but the version I’m currently working on (which is rebased off master as of May 18th) doesn’t have it. Which might make pinpointing the cause a bit more challenging. I thought it might have been #5137, but that doesn’t seem the case.

Where can I find more information about the exact version you are using? I can’t find g1bd0d448b in github.

@johnny-bit can you reproduce in master?

@dterrahe - commit id in darktable version is after letter “g”, so the right commit id would be “1bd0d448b”

I can replicate on master unfortunatelly.

Somehow drops a bit from the url when I click it. Add #r39340572 to the end.

BTW bisect is fun. I’m glad I didn’t spend more time trying to understand what was going on but instead went brute force on this.

Also git log is confusing. The commit that broke it came from the beginning of the month so was quite far down the log, but was only merged a few days back. I should look for a log function that shows commits when I saw them first.

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Thanks @dterrahe
Sorry for the grief, people. I think it was one of those times when I read the spec and saw what I wanted it to say.

Just build dt 3.1.0+1727~gb9ab4c8a9, problem resolved :+1: