Colour and exp discr; Mac: diff jpg and RT view -- why? [Solved]

Hello folks,

First post here. Thanks for the excellent piece of software you created. I have been an user of RT in the v3-4 days when I started with photography but somehow went the LR way. Now when I’ve given RT 5.9 a shot I feel totally at home and I love the results.

I hope my issue is a non-issue and I’ve searched the forum for similar posts but they ended up not being helpful in my case. Hoping the RT experts, especially macOS folks can provide a direction.

I’m on macOS Monterey 12.6.6 on an imac 27" with the retina 5K screen. I’m aware of the sRGB/default profile situation with macOS. My imac screen is calibrated.

Attaching a sample picture from my X100 and a screenshot to show the differences of what RT shows me vs the file I get on export.
All RT settings off, the only change I did after opening the image was to load the Neutral profile and the X100 profile in Color Management and hit export.

I see a difference in the saturation/vibrancy of the colours as well as a slight difference in exposure. The output file is displayed with XnViewMP on the left. macOS preview also looks the same as XnViewMP.

What settings/config am I missing, etc. to make the editor and output pictures look the same so I can export with confidence that what I’m seeing is what is being exported?

Many thanks for your time and patience if this has been answered before.


X10012932_F4_1-1000s_ISO320_23mm_Std.RAF (19.0 MB)
X10012932_F4_1-1000s_ISO320_23mm_Std.RAF.pp3 (13.5 KB)

Hi @GlassHalfFull, and welcome!

First, I am not a McPerson, so my initial thoughts may be w-a-y off.

You ask RT to automatically apply Auto-Match curve - ISO low.
Have you seen how the Histogram looks after that?
The red channel is severely blown, which you must take care of.

Perform this little test: select profile “Unclipped” instead (you will find it
under “Bundled Profiles”), then produce a .jpg and see whether
they are more alike…

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

Thanks for your input @Claes. Please find attached what I see after your suggested test. I see the difference more pronounced now. All I did was to select the Unclipped profile and hit export.

Added the X100 input profile to the previous test (minus its tone curve) and the results pretty much as last time.

@GlassHalfFull Hmmmm…
Again, please bear in mind that I am not a McPerson —
but where is your “export” that you hit?

And what settings do you have there?

Sorry @Claes, by export I mean the icon to put the image to the processing queue (at the bottom left of the RT editor window). Exporting with JPG quality 94, subsampling Best quality.

Ah, good, now we understand each other a trifle better :slight_smile:
Let me make a few tests…

Sorry, @GlassHalfFull, I am totally out of good ideas.
Let’s hope that a more McKnowledgeable forumer
might chime in…

Thanks for your assistance Claes.

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@Andy_Astbury1, thanks for all your YT videos. I have watched some of them but would you kindly share if you have any video which talks about this topic?

Since you’re a mac user, do you see the same behaviour if you select RTv4_sRGB as the Output Profile when you process your pics.?

Thanking you in advance for any help.


Okay here’s what I see with RT 5.8 (installed on a similar mac) using a raw file @Claes kindly provided. Exported JPG on top and RT 5.8 on bottom. All defaults.

I see a subtle hue change in the red and a tad darker output JPG but the weight/saturation of the colours is consistent.

Very reluctant to call my RT 5.9 issue a bug as I can’t be the only one having this issue in 5.9?! :frowning:

Keeping fingers crossed for any input from the macOS folks.


The colour profile that is embedded in your comparison image is

Copyright: Copyright Apple Inc., 2023

Might this be a clue?

I don’t think so, but now I replaced RT 5.9 with RT 5.8 on my imac and processed the first rose file again and there are no differences (that I see or bother me!) between the exported JPG and RT 5.8 editor. WYSIWYG, no trial and error for exports.

Thanks for all your help and patience @Claes, I guess I’ll have to live with v5.8 for now until RT 6 sees the light of the day. :slightly_frowning_face:

Silly question…any chance that the default rendering intent is different in 5.8 vs 5.9… or in your settings… relative vs perceptual esp for this type of photo might be quite different…just thinking of something that might be hiding in plain sight…

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Yes, for example the haze removal tool shows up with more saturation than before, may be thus is switched on in his basic profile…

Unfortunately not, all RTv4_sRGB & Rel. Colorimetric with BPC.

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@marter, haze removal not switched on unfortunately.

Did you try RTv2_sRGB also?

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No I didn’t, would that matter especially as v5.8 has no trouble matching the output to the editor using v4? I suppose it could be given a shot when I go back to v5.9 - leave no stone unturned! Thanks @marter.

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@GlassHalfFull If you want to make another test using RT 5.9, set the enclosed icc file as your Output Profile:diff5.8.icc (8.3 KB)