Colour calibration module degraded?

I noticed that the recent release of dt (4.0.1) has changed the colour calibration grey tab and I can no longer enter negative values or values greater than one in the R, G, B channels for monochrome conversion. I used to use this quite often to get a high contrast effect for my monochrome conversions. It looks like I will now have to revert to using Gimp to get the required effect. Not happy.
I wonder if anyone knows of a hack or workaround to this issue?

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That is an interesting question!

You can usually right-click and set but looks like grey is now hard-limited to between 0 and 1. I’m not sure whether it’s been done on purpose or not – I can’t immediately find the pull request that changed it so it might have been an accidental side-effect of some other change. Could be worth raising an issue on github to make it more visible to the devs.

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Thank you for your reply. That is exactly what I mean (right-click to type a value). Sadly, I’ve not had much success finding my way around github.
I have now raised this as an issue on github.

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would using two calibration modules solve your problem (stacking)?

If you mean a second instance, no. I was using a second instance for the mono conversion after using the first instance for white balance. But thank you for your input.

I think it was a long time ago.

Well at least that explains why I couldn’t find a PR – there wasn’t one (though I’m never sure if those MIN/MAX values are supposed to be the soft or the hard limits.

could not have been long ago as it still worked in 3.8.1 which was less than one year ago.

If you have some old edit where it worked for you then saving that as a style should work??

I replied in the github thread to avoid having two conversations. The soft limits were removed in Mar2022.

Possiblly but won’t that restrict any future edits to the values used in the image used to create the style?

I just tried creating a style but colour calibration is still restricted to maximum 1.0 and no negative values. Thanks for the suggestion.