Colour difference

(Hermann-Josef) #1


why are colours different in RT compared to PhotoShopElements? I used profile “neutral” in RT. In both cases the embedded ICC-profile should be used.

Left is RT, right is PS.

Thanks for your help in advance!


(Mica) #2

My semi educated guess is that the working color spaces are different.

(Hermann-Josef) #3

For RT it is the standard ProPhoto, for PSE – no idea.



When images are not edited but just displayed then the working space shouldn’t matter (apart from clipping which shouldn’t happen here). Are both programs set up for display color management the same way?

(Hermann-Josef) #5

As far as I can tell, yes. That is why I wonder …


(Mica) #6

You’re importing a raw into PSE? Are you sure it isn’t doing some functions automatically?


If that’s a raw file then all bets are off. The remark about embedded ICC profiles made me thinks it’s a regular image.

(Hermann-Josef) #8

The image is a scan of a slide with SilverFast. The image is in AdobeRGB1998 colour space. Same image opened in RT looks different than when opened in PSE.


(Elle Stone) #9

Is it possible that RawTherapee is not doing black point compensation, and PSE is set up to do black point compensation?

The difference between the two screenshots looks like the difference between using and not using black point compensation to display an image on the screen, assuming the monitor profile that’s being used has a non-zero black point.

Another possibility is that the two programs aren’t using the same monitor profile. I remember being very puzzled about color differences between two programs displaying the same image, until I looked into the second program’s default monitor profile - it was set to sRGB instead of the system monitor profile.

(Hermann-Josef) #10


@Elle : thanks for pointing out that the monitor profile might be the cause.

I have changed in preferences – colour management that RT should automatically use the current monitor profile. Now the colours are the same. Great! Thanks a lot.