Colour tags in discussion board

(Martin Scharnke) #1

When I have a large number of new posts to scan over, I find myself looking to the colour tags first, and I have discovered that the tags for darktable and GIMP seem to be identical: a pink box followed by a blue box. These don’t seem to be directly linked to the colour tags in categories (software / capturing) any more directly than Raw Therapee (software / critique) .

Is there a method to the seeming “madness”?

Would it be possible for GIMP and darktable to have distinct two-colour identifiers?


You are right. Personally, I find these bullets distracting, esp. when they are very dark or light against the background. Makes it harder to read the text around it.

(Mica) #3

Good catch. Executive decisions regarding color have been made. Hope it is helpful!