Colour Toning -> mask -> copy & invert

I’ve been looking for a way to invert a mask used in the Colour Toning module in RawTherapee, on RawPedia and here on Pixls and am not able to find anything. Is this not possible or does my search-foo need work?

I’ve run into the following (simplified) scenario many times (admittedly I’m also counting darktable occurrences): Sky and ground both need to be tackled (colour/slope/saturation etc) separately.

The Colour Toning module can do masks and you can use multiple instances. You can also make a copy of an existing instance (including the mask).

It would be rather nice if I could create a precise mask for, say the sky, and make a copy of that instance, invert the mask and fine-tune it if needed to target the ground. At the moment I need to re-create the mask from scratch.

Assuming that it isn’t possible:

  • Is there a reason why this isn’t implemented?
  • Would a feature request for this be feasible?
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You can mask a sky:

And if you reverse the 3 points you get the mask without the sky.

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I appreciate the reply, but I do know that you can do this manually.

But that is the “problem”: Manually.

If you make a very precise mask, be it from H and/or C and/or L, it is all but impossible to do it twice in exactly the same way (in reverse). You have to admit that your posted example is a rather easy one :wink:

Another way to do it manually would be to enable the node in/out option and do it by calculating and applying the numbers, which would be rather precise, but also somewhat time consuming (you do need to go back-and-forth for each node created in the first mask, possibly for all three H,C and L tabs).

Hence my search for, or request for a invert option.