Colours difference in Darktable and Lightroom

(Anton Vakulenko) #1

Hello! I’m using DT with my Canon 650D. I like DT very much, but my images are always have some little but notable greenish look (good for trees, but bad for skin). I’ve tried all base curves, different presets for white balance and manual colour balance, but I still can’t get that look that I get in Lightroom by default. Regardless of profile in camera calibration skin in LR looks healthy without that weird green tilt. It’s not so prominent when you process images in DT only, but if you compare the same image processed in DT and LR this is very notable.

Any way to solve it? Please help!
Sorry for my English.

(Mica) #2

Can you post an example? What modules are you using? What if you white balance on a known white surface?

(Anton Vakulenko) #3

This is example. Look how green is more saturated. Skin is unnatural on my monitor in DT version.
In both applications default setting: just debaering (“camera standard” in LR and “canon eos like” in DT). No other processing… White balance to camera.

(Mica) #4

I get a lot close by using the spot white balance on the handrail using the jpeg provided.

If you share a problematic raw, you’ll likely get a much better solution.

What is the temperature in LR vs DT?


I thought temp-tint works differently between apps.

(Anton Vakulenko) #6

The temperature was 6250K in LR (default from camera) and 5899K in DT (default from camera). By the way, why it differs??

At the moment I can get pretty close with default WB and fine tuning green channel in channel mixer. But I think this is just a fix and default colour balance in DT (in canon, at least) should be re-evaluated by developers (of course, if they have time and wish).

(Mica) #7

I’d bet that LightRoom does some other stuff to your image before opening it, such as WB compensation or something. You can use exiftool or exiv2 to see the actual camera white balance and see what that is.

The only way the devs could re-evaluate the color balances is if someone submitted a new color checker shot. You could also do this yourself for your camera and use it privately.

(Anton Vakulenko) #8

Or, no… Thanks! Too complicated for me )
I’ll better use my custom colour corrections… Anyway, DT is a great tool! Still happy with it )

(Roman Lebedev) #9

It’s just the displayed Kelvin value that differs, not the white balance multipliers themselves, that are actually used. Also, last time i checked there is no single standard way to convert the white balance multipliers to the color temperature. dt uses the scientifically-correct way, doing all the fancy spectral stuff:

So if anything, i’d say dt is correct.
(rt uses similar method, but when i checked back then, their code produced yet another Kelvin temperature, so it had bugs, back then at least.)

What you are seeing is likely explained by the fact that dt only uses [adobe] color matrix, while LR uses entirety of the DCP, which dt does not support.
You can mimic the jpegs, if you so like them:

(Anton Vakulenko) #10

Thanks, I’ll try this!