Colours, please

Good morning… I need a colourful

  • text - found * text,_x[%|~],_y[%|~],_{ font_height[%]>=0 | custom_font },_opacity,_color1,... but how do I use this, for example, to turn the text into RGB 255,128,0?
  • expand_x and expand_y: How can I specify to use another color than black for the expansion?

Good morning!

I think you can just append the three R,G,B values ( separated by commas) at the end of the text command, after opacity. No computer around me right now so I can’t test. (I usually just use ‘to’ ( test outline) without color to check execution time)

Hello @prawnsushi. Thanks that worked. Now I only need a solution for expand_x and `expand_y`` …
Will produce a few nice new commands, such as what you can do with Photo Book Creator

Sadly, I don’t have an answer for this yet.

Maybe look at some framing commands? I think they have color options.

You can’t specify colors with commands expand_?.
But command frame is probably what you are looking for:

$gmic h frame

      Shortcut for command 'frame_xy'.


    Insert outer frame along the x-axis in selected images.

    Default values: 'size_y=size_x', 'col1=col2=col3=255' and 'col4=255'.
    (equivalent to shortcut command 'frame').

      [#1] image.jpg frame_xy 1,1,0 frame_xy 20,10,255,0,255

$ gmic sp colorful,256 frame 20,20,256,128,0

Perfect, @David_Tschumperle and thanks for your help.